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Galvanized Modular Water Tanks

Today, in order to ensure that water is stored and protected under more reliable and healthier conditions; They are water storage tanks that do not smell, do not produce germs, are fully hygienic, produced in modular parts using Hot Dip Galvanized material in the desired tonnage (m3) (ST 37).

Capacity Range: 1 - 500 M3

Material : Hot Dip Galvanized


Modules are strengthened by cold forming in high pressure presses.


All parts of modular warehouses are produced in accordance with hygiene conditions. Algae and bacteria do not occur in the galvanized tank in any way.


Maintenance and repair is very easy. When necessary, parts can be replaced independently of each other.


Modular water tanks can be easily installed in the desired place in modular parts. Warehouse assembly is done with special bolt tightening machines. It can be easily dismantled and assembled in another place if desired. After the assembly is completed in the modular system, the size of the warehouse can be enlarged by increasing the modules if space is available. It can be assembled by passing through narrow places in pieces.

It can be easily mounted on the preferred ground, on high platforms, on the roof, on towers, and wherever desired in existing buildings.


Turna Kompozit İç Ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş bünyesinde PEAK TANK markası ile yurtici ve yurtdışında modüler su depoları konusunda hizmet vermektedir.

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